It seems that this year the skunks in the Andovers are out with a vengeance! I can certainly say there were a couple of skunks that I’ve run into so far this year. I had a very close call with Reese…she was nose to nose with a skunk but came Read More


Vacationing Strays

Every once in a while, even a dog walker finds the time to enjoy a vacation. And that’s exactly what I did over Thanksgiving week! I packed my bags and headed down to the Caribbean with my family. It’s easy to say that the lifestyle on the islands that we Read More

Kim at SuperZoo

SuperZoo 2009

On September 15th, 2009, my husband, Chris, and I packed our bags and took a flight out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2009 SuperZoo pet industry tradeshow! Having both previously working at PetEdge, a pet supply manufacturing company, we were not strangers to these remarkable shows. Filled with the Read More

Why Touch?

I had mentioned in a previous post about the benefits of clicker training with your dog. Now for a trick that not only creates a game for your dog, but also provides a number of additional training opportunities! The trick is “touch.” It’s simple enough, you teach your dog to Read More

Bunch of Dogs

Oyster Cracker Magic

While Chris was down in Florida for a work meeting this Tuesday, I avoided a boring evening at home by myself by packing up the girls and heading to my parent’s house in Atkinson, NH. I didn’t get my love from dogs late in life…I grew up in a household Read More

THIS is why I LOVE my job!

Every day I experience as a dog walker is filled with laughs, surprises, and on occasion, frustration. However, it’s not very often that I get so delighted I get a chill…on a hot summer day! I’ve mentioned Gracie before, she’s a “retriever-mix,” I couldn’t even guess what she’s made up Read More